common winter pests

Common Winter Pests in Florida

When the temperatures fall, bugs and wildlife navigate to warmer areas, such as Florida. Here are some common winter pests in to be on the lookout for in your home:

  1. Cockroaches. More cockroaches invade homes during the winter due to the increase in holiday events. Because of the many parties thrown in homes, more food is present. This is an attractive reason for the cockroach to move in to new territory. A second reason is that Florida does not get very cold during the Winter. Since the cockroach is cold-blooded, it seeks out warm weather, thus migrating to Florida homes. Not only are cockroaches an annoying creature that multiply very quickly, they carry harmful bacteria and diseases.
  2. Rodents. Like the cockroach, rodents migrate to warmer weather in the Winter. These animals do not hibernate and can get inside walls to damage the drywall and possibly start electrical fires.
  3. Silverfish. A wingless silvery-blue insect, Winter is when this pest is commonly seen. They enjoy being near moisture, so be sure to keep your home dry. Though they are not harmful, they can do damage to documents and other important papers.

If you see any of these pests in your home this winter, contact us! As part of our homewatch services, we protect your home from bugs and other creatures.