GPS Enabled Client Reporting Software

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Once you become an Argos Homewatch Client, we’ll grant you ultimate access to up-to-date online reports on the status of your home. You’ll know exactly what our Home Watch team is doing, and when, no matter where you are in the world, thanks our GPS software that enables us to complete and submit a comprehensive report on everything we did and logs the time we spent on your property.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art Home Watch software allows us to take photos and videos so you can see your property is being kept in tip top shape for yourself. If a situation does occur, we are able to use the software to contact you immediately with with a plan of action or request for approval.

We will even give you a personalized password protected login so that you can keep an eye on your home whenever and wherever you want.

Proof That We Were There

Proof That We Are Watching Your Home

Thanks to our GPS reporting software, you will receive logs of our Home Watch team’s location and time of visit. This way, you will have proof that Argos Homewatch has your back.

Simple Checklist Creation

Customized Checklists

Our QRIDit management system allows us to create customized checklists to cater to your exact needs and property. This checklist can be adjusted at any time since we understand that certain needs may arise at any time. Our Home Watch checklist allows us to ensure that our services are built around our customers.

Learn More About QRIDit

Get more information about our Home Watch client reporting software and QRIDit by watching the video below!

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