Home Watch Services

Treasure Coast, FL Home Watch Services
At Argos Homewatch, we know that your home in the Treasure Coast is your castle. You’ve worked hard for it and the last thing you’d want is for a completely preventable issue such as mold, mildew, water leaks or malfunctioning air condition to cause severe damage. And traditional house sitting services more than likely won’t catch these things before they become big problems. That’s where our home watch service come in!

By doing regular checks of your home, we can spot potential problems before they become big ones. And if we do find something that needs addressing, we can coordinate with you to oversee the repair or remediation of the problem. We work with you to come up with a custom checklist of items to watch every time we visit your home. Here are few of the common items we regularly check:

Home Exterior

– Roof, chimney, gutters, and downspouts (ground level visual)
– Signs of Vandalism
– Door and windows
– Animal or rodent intrusion
– Insect damage or infestation


– Lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens
– Patio furniture
– Check and collect mail, remove solicitations and newspapers
– Faucets and hoses
– Screened in porch/sunroom

Home Interior

– Record Humidity
– Record Temperature
– Doors and windows
– Ceilings
– Animal/rodent/insect infestation
– Mold or usual odors
– Plumbing leaks
– Lighting
– Washer and Dryer
– A/C Unit and system controls
– Smoke Detectors
– Faucets and Drains
– All kitchen appliances
– Electronic Devices unplugged
– Run taps/showers, flush toilets
– Irrigation system
– Heating system
– Breaker Panel
– Filters
– R/O Unit

Clearly, Argos Homewatch can provide your property with a variety of Florida Home Watch and House Sitting services. If you are away from your Treasure Cost home in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, Palm City, Martin County, Hobe Sound, or any of the surrounding Florida areas, let us help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away!

For more information about our Home Watch Services, contact Argos Homewatch today!