mold in home

6 Tips to Prevent Mold in Your Home

Mold grows on organic materials such as paper, leather, dirt and soap scum. It grows best in warm, moist temperatures, between 72 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

The simplest way to detect a mold problem is using your own senses. Smell a musty odor? That is a great indication mold may be nearby. Watermarks on the ceiling and walls are also a telltale sign of this pesky substance.

Most often bleach and water, or other cleaning products can be used to rid the house of mold. The problem that this does not guarantee that the mold will not come back. The only way to keep your house clean is to prevent mold from occurring.

Check out these 6 tips to prevent mold inhabiting your home:

  1. Dry wet materials quickly. Given the right conditions, mold can grow within 2 days. Make sure not to leave wet clothing or towels laying around.
  2. Clean, disinfect, and then dry surface areas. Mold likes moist places. When cleaning counters or floors, make sure to dry them after they are disinfected.
  3. Reduce the moisture level in bathrooms after showers. Run the exhaust fan during and after showers. Exhaust fans help minimize the moisture level in the bathroom as well as the possibility of growing mold.
  4. Fix plumbing leaks. Leaks are caused by pipes that have disintegrated already. It is important to replace old pipes as soon as they show signs of being worn. The moisture from a leaky pipe will travel much further than just the visible signs. No matter how much you try to keep the house clean, there are still areas that you are neglecting or can’t get to. Those are the places mold loves to grow.
  5. Increase the air flow in your home. Confined and dark places should be well ventilated. Open windows are a better option than using the air conditioner or fan.
  6. If you have a basement, keep condensation out. No one likes a musty basement! Get a dehumidifier or open some basement windows to allow the air to circulate during the day.

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