6 Tips to Protect your Family and Home During Tornado Season

From now until October, tornados can happen out of nowhere. Florida has the highest density of tornado activity, but rarely are they the most destructive. There is little you can do to protect your home from the strength of tornado winds, but there are actions you can take to protect yourself and your family better.

  1. Identify a safe meeting place for you and your family and keep current contact information handy in a wallet or purse. It is likely that your cell phone will only work intermittently during a tornado.
  2. Mitigate wind storm damage. Keep tree branches and shrubs regularly trimmed as to reduce the risk of “flying missiles”. Let our homewatch team make sure your branches and shrubs are at a safe distance from your home to avoid damage.
  3. Be sure you have home insurance coverage to protect your valuable belongings. Create a home inventory and keep it in a waterproof sleeve to submit to insurance if needed.
  4.  Create a emergency preparedness kit. Include water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, flashlightwith extra batteries, clothing and a blanket.
  5. Keep your pets indoors and inside a carrier during inclement weather.
  6. Use flashlights instead of candles in case of any gas leaks.

If you are going to be away from your home during tornado season, it’s a great idea to have a homewatch team regularly check on your home. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation!