The Importance of Having a Home Inventory

Do you know how many belongings you and your family have? Every piece of furniture, book, small appliances, shoes…the list goes on. Do you know their worth? No? Do you know what it would cost to replace all of your belongings?

A home inventory, which is a complete list of your belongings with their estimated value, is a very simple and great way to keep track of the answers to those questions. Only a small amount of people actually spend the time creating a home inventory. With these tips, you’ll have a home inventory in no time! Having an accurate home inventory can make filing a claim a simpler process should a loss occur.

  1. Keep a detailed list of all your belongings, including specifics such as the manufacturer name. If possible, include the price you paid and the date you bought the item.
  2. Take photographs or video of each room in your house, focusing on specific items in each room. Also take photos of things in drawers and closets, as many people store their valuables out of sight.
  3. Update the home inventory from time to time, adding any new purchases and removing things you no longer have such as old furniture.
  4. Show your list to your home insurance company. Your agent can make sure that your items are covered and help you get the proper coverage if you do not have it.
  5. Store a copy of your inventory somewhere off your property.

Dont wait for disaster to strike before you create your inventory, it could save you the pain of having to replace your belongings.