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7 Great Reasons to Hire a Home Watch Company

There are a number of different reasons why a house would lie vacant for an extended period of time. Things such as snowbirds who are absent for six months or more, an extended vacation, a family member who has left his or her home and is now residing in an assisted living facility or perhaps a home that’s for sale while the owner is living elsewhere. Clearly, a home watch service should be employed for all of these situations. Here are 7 great reasons why you should hire a Home Watch company such as Argos Homewatch:
  1. A Home Watch company, including Argos Homewatch will be extensively trained on how to best handle your vacant home. Undergoing such training makes a Home Watch company better equipped to handle any disaster rather than trusting a neighbor.
  2. Your home insurance company may require that you have a professional company overseeing your home while you are away and if any damage occurs while your home is vacant, your Home Watch company will have the proof to submit to the insurance company so your claim is not denied.
  3. A good Home Watch company has a stringent checklist and sophisticated software that is used while tending to your home. Argos Homewatch provides updates to each client after every home visit using GPS software.
  4. Although a Home Watch company is not a security service, having a visible presence in your home and a yard that is not unkempt is a great crime deterrent. Many Home Watch companies are familiar with local law enforcement and will answer alarm calls.
  5. Some Home Watch companies offer additional services such as stocking your fridge  upon your arrival and picking up dry cleaning.
  6. Home Watch companies work with a network of trusted vendors and can oversee repairs in your absence.
  7. A Home Watch company is designed to give you peace of mind while you are away from home. What could be better?