3 Great Reasons for Snowbirds to Have Home Watch

If you’re a seasonal homeowner with a home in the Treasure Coast, it is always a good idea to have a team of experienced professionals on your side when you are away. This is where Argos Homewatch comes in. We put together a list of why you should hire a Home Watch service in the summer.

Don’t ask your neighbor to check on your home during your absence. They may not remember to check on it and they do not have the proper experience to perform this service. Our team is insured, bonded and accredited.

  1. A Home Watch team is very visual. They are trained to check your entire property, inside and out for any signs of damage that arise. They notify you immediately if there are any potential issues in or around your home.
  2. Some Home Watch companies offer special concierge services (inquire about ours), including picking up groceries before your arrival in the Fall, making sure the air conditioner is on, and that your swimming pool is ready for your enjoyment. You’ll arrive to a nice, cool home with a refrigerator already stocked for your homecoming.
  3. Should a tropical storm or hurricane arise while you are away, your Home Watch team will be there to check on your home and assess any damage.

For whatever period of time your home may be vacant, we recommend hiring a Home Watch team! They are your extra pair of eyes and will give you peace of mind!